10 Vital Qualities for a Good Golf Instructor

The golf game is among the most famous games played on an outdoor course. The golf ball is little hardball struck by the club into series of small holes with the aim of using least number of strokes to complete the course. The game requires a combination of physical effort, and skills hence need for a qualified trainer. The trainer equips the players with necessary golf instructions, game regulations, and etiquette to enable them to give the best results. The golf got special techniques hence not every game trainer can suit a golf instructor. Good instructor possesses the following traits.

Excellent Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills

Communication occurs only when the message is timely sent, and the receiver understands the message correctly. A qualified instructor will use both verbal and non-verbal cues that the subject understands well. Avoid many technical terms that the learners are not conversant with and use only appropriate gestures that every player understands.

Integration of Technology in the Teaching Methodology

A great instructor will make the golfers enjoy lessons very much. To achieve great results and make learning enjoyable; integration of modern technology into teaching lessons is vital. The instructor will provide a video showing your swing and golf balls flight. Through that, you can discuss strengths and shortcomings and see what to improve.

Qualified Instructor Possesses Right Credentials

Golf is a technical but straightforward game. The game requires a well-equipped trainer with necessary skills and certified PGA OR LPGA professional. A well-established trainer with all those requirements will give quality lessons with all the essential practical skills. Such professionals might charge high fees, but you get the value of the costs charged.

The simplicity of the Trainer is Vital

The training sessions require oneness, whereby the trainer reduces the gap between him/her and the learners. It must o be understood that training is not a show of mighty to learners but the dispensation of knowledge and skills. A good trainer is ever simple and down to earth all, what they require is respect and co-operation. One has to use the simplest means to make the learners grasp the concept. Showing off and making the learning complicated would not earn one any credit. Simple and learner friendly creates a conducive atmosphere for learning to succeed.

A Good Coach is Always Informed

The golf game is very complicated with lots of dynamics. Any coach with the will of learners at heart and desire to see them prosper is always updated on current changes on the game. The rules, playing methodologies and etiquette keeps changing making it necessary for the instructor to be ahead to grasp any new development for the betterment of the team. With the current technology, there are various dynamics in many fields including the golf game. The coach has to be up-to-date with current developments to avoid misleading the learners.

Great Coach has Good Network with Others

The game of golf calls for combined effort. It might look simple, but it is very demanding. At times, the coach might not be capable of handling everything, to prevent releasing half-baked players, one interacts with other instructors for necessary assistance where necessary and even invites them for a session with learners. Great coaches will always have inter- clubs workshop to replenish on the skills and learn more from each other.

Commitment to their Obligations

Good results in any field call for sacrifice and dedication. Setting goals on time and laying strategies on how to meet them is what leads to success. Any qualified coach will have a work plan and set time to accomplish the roles. Remaining loyal and committed to achieving the target is very crucial for it enables one to see the goals of the learners achieved.it is always advisable to work with schedule and be committed on it for it saves on time wastage and achieving set goals on time.

Great Coaches Possesses Virtues of Tolerance and Flexibility

Coaching professional calls for one to adjust with the situation and cope with it accordingly. Good coaches are rare to find and always on demand, for that reason, they tend to relocate from one station to next due to the high demand for their skills. For one to perform well, they have to learn the behavior in the new environment and adjust to them on time. Players got different challenges too; it is the work of the coach to understand their players for smooth co-existence. Nothing is permanent even the game regulations changes calling for one to adjust, therefore it is a core responsibility of any coach to adopt flexibility to dynamics in the golf field.

Great Coaches are Firm on their Stand

In the golf game, there are various decisions an instructor has to make. Vital decisions are made, and the instructors are recommended to stand their ground and implement the choice for the benefit of the team. One cannot make everyone contented, but once the decision is for better of the club and to assist in achieving the set standards, then one should be firm and strict on implementation. Complains from few players should not change decisions made but they are one to adopt the schedule.

Great Instructors are Always Consistency with their Program

Coaching is a continuous exercise, and it calls one to set the standards and work from there. One has to start from the unknown towards the known. The qualified coach will keep track of the performance of the golf players and use them to check on their improvement. Result analysis enables one to determine the best tactics and skills to employ to achieve the set goal. Any slight increase in player performance indicates that learning is taking place.


In summary, I can state that a great coach exhibits all the above-stated characters and many more well just qualified coach will display many of them. While sourcing for the coach, go for one with game passion and desire and ready to see the players perform exemplary. The great instructor values the progress of their learners hence prioritizing them. Golf is a game with class. Thus, the players have to have skills and play a classic game too.

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