8 Crucial Things you should know About Golf

about golf

Golf is a high-end outdoor sport associated with high profile people. Many people will shy from checking into the game for believing it is for the old moneyed men. That is just but a myth. Many youth and women shy away from golf due to wrong misconceptions. Golf is not a complicated game as it sounds. Everyone is encouraged to join golf since it is not as complicated as it seems. The game creates room for bonding during leisure time as well as exercising on your excellent health. The article is to enlighten you on all what it takes to be a good golfer and the necessities about golf like standard attires.  If you got an interest in golf, have a look in the piece; it is fundamental for everyone interested to hit the pitch either for nine or eighteen holes for golf.

What Are The Right Golf Attire?

The golf game is a professional game with set rules and regulations. All these are set to ensure smooth relationships in the pitch. Are you a starter and you want to join the game? Check the golf shop near me for standard uniforms. Attires from other outlets might not meet the required quality. The best golf collar polo shirts are, and shorts are availed in various sizes to fit every player more so men. For women, they can choose polo shirts and pants too or shorts.  The athletic pants and fancy jeans are no in golf pitch.

Is It Necessary To Book For Tee Time?

Many players will collide with their coach due to lateness. Unlike other sports, golf requires high discipline, especially on time management. Tee time is not the reporting time, as many will understand. That is the time for hitting the first shot. With that in mind, you are required to arrive at least 30 minutes before tee time to change and warm up for the game. It is always advisable to book the tee time to avoid inconveniences like arriving in the pitch and lack chance to play due to high bookings. The serious golf players will always reserve a tee time and have the best golf watch to track the event and keep them on time.

Where Do You Keep Your Golf Bag?

Golfers carry with them their best golf accessories thus need to have a golf bag.  The bag is vital to ensure the clubs and other best golf accessories are secure. In the course, there are designated areas to keep the bag. Players are restricted from carrying them past the bag drop. That is the designated area to keep all the luggage. The players keep their bags and clubs there after the game and do not carry with them into the clubhouse.

Tipping in the Golf course

Observing the etiquette in the game is very vital. You do not go tipping anyone in the course.  Different golf courses have various rules. If you are a new member, inquire whether tipping is allowed or inhibited. That is because there are those who allow tipping and others do not allow tipping. Among those tipped in the golf course are the meal and beverage staff, the best golf push cart and the bag drop managers.

Is Golf For Rich Only?

The starting is always demanding, but that does not mean only tycoons should play golf. The clubs, best golf balls, and attires are a bit costly. Nevertheless, one can find secondhand if the budget does not allow for new ones. The golf games are also expensive since you have to pay every time you play.  The low-income earners can still manage to play by going for cheap plans like nine holes game or take advantage of the twilight. That shows that anyone is capable of performing the golf only that you need to understand your budget and keep your lane.

Is Golf A Challenging Sport As Anticipated?

There is some truth in the statement; golf game is not that easy. All you need is get the best golf club near you and attach yourself to a personal coach. There are few pros in the game, thus take advantage whenever you come across one. Acquire the manual guidebook and use it to learn some skills. Watch the tutorials over social media like YouTube and other sites. The best thing is that you can get pleasure by playing at your level and bonding with friends on the course. It does not mean you must be pro to enjoy.

Does Playing Golf Take A Whole Day?

The golf game does not have to take you a whole day to enjoy. Just check on your schedule and book the tee time accordingly. The course can take one 3-4 hour for 9 holes game and up to 5 hours for 18 holes. Just go with your budget and period in choosing the game to engage. Other aspects that can make the game take long are the slow players and number of the players in the course, especially during the weekend.

Is It True You Can Enjoy A Drink While Playing Golf?

Unlike other sports, the golf game is a more relaxed sport. The game offers the best time for bonding and enjoying leisure time with friends and families. With that in mind, one or two drinks make the game more interesting. The 18 holes players enjoy more drinks since they take more time in the course. One should differentiate between careless abuse of alcoholic beverages and enjoying the beverages while playing. The drinks are useful once used responsibly.


The golf game bonds many people and creates a platform for healthy interactions. The game is a bit tricky but learning the basics is the primary stage for the expert. Always be open to learning how to use the clubs and take advantage of any move.  It calls for discipline and patient to achieve great results in the golf. For one to enjoy golf, it does not necessarily need you to be a pro. Having a good club and best personal coach are the fundamentals to elevate one into great heights.

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