Golf Reviews 2019: Vital rules every golfer should comply

Golf is among the most sought outdoor game.  The game is associated with a number of health and social benefits. Many people tend to shy away from the golf sport terming it for high- end social class personalities. The misconception does not hold any water. The golf game is for all regardless of social, economic status. The sport gives an avenue for refreshing during leisure time and socializing as well. After a long day of hustle, one feels worn out hence need for re-energizing; golfing is the best bet for that. After the session, one feels re-energized for the following day duties with great enthusiasm. The following golf reviews 2019 rules are set to ensure healthy and peaceful interactions during the game.


1. Only Caddies To Carry Counseling

Unlike some other games where the onlookers can correct and carry out counseling to players on the pitch, golf inhibits the behavior. Only the caddie or match partner are authorized to advise the players on the golf course. Adherence to the rule gives the players a great time to compose themselves and perform without much pressure from the onlookers.

2. Ball identification

At times, your ball is buried in the rough, and you are unable to identify it. The rules allow room for ball verification but with the following conditions. The player is allowed to lift the ball for identification while lifting; you should announce the intention of raising the ball to the opponent. You are also required to declare the position of the ball and allow the marker to check on placement to ensure you place the ball on the right spot.

3. Free relief

Free relief is a rare condition and guaranteed on special occasions. One is allowed free relief when their ball is embedded in the rough or fairway. In that case, the ball is below the ground level; thus the reason free relief.

4. Caddie and partner distance


Once the game starts and you begin taking your stance, your partner or caddie has to keep distance. The rule is set to avoid too much counseling that might lead to confusion. The game is fair and just when players have their space to exercise their tactics. Free and fairness are highly advocated in golf race.

5. Time search

The maximum time to search for the ball is three minutes and not five minutes as it used to be in those ages. The time is set as per 2019-golf rules review. Past three minutes is a faulty worthy penalty. The search time starts when one starts searching for the ball. In case it is not found, provisional ball is played, and one announces it is a provisional ball. One abandons the provisional ball once they see the normal ball.

6. Use of equipment

golf equipment

According to golf reviews 2019, use of other tools and equipment other than ball and club is highly inhibited. The tools and equipment might give one an added advantage over the opponent. The rule limits the use of clubs and balls in an abnormal way other than the intended way during the stroke. Only the best golf balls, personalized golf clubs, and other best golf accessories acquired from golf shop are allowed in the pitch.

7. Rules on penalties

The golf reviews 2019 has eliminated the penalties for a double hit. Any double hit to the ball is considered as a single hit, and no penalty is awarded.  All the accidental deflections are exempted from sanctions, and the ball is played as it lies. Also during the search, in case caddie or player moves the ball, the ball is replaced with no penalty. The penalty is awarded when one intentionally stops the ball in motion by positioning their equipment.

8. Number of clubs

Avoid penalties by ensuring you possess the right number of clubs.  The extra number of clubs is punishable thus left on the store area. The rule requires one to have a maximum number of fourteen sticks in the bag. These rules are set to ensure equity and fairness in the game.

golf clubs

9. The rake in the bunker

Most people get challenges in this area. In case your ball rests against the rake while playing, you are allowed to move the tool without any penalty. USGA will define this as a movable obstruction.

10. Tapping down your puts

Tapping down of the putts is among the most penalized area due to players ignorance and negligence of these rules. As you play, you will come across spike marks, which are on the green, never press them down at any cost. Pressing the spikes to mark down leads to a two-stroke penalty.

11. Accept and deal with the hand you are dealt

The beginner will always think of placing the ball in a better position to make a shot, a reason that sees many starters suffer penalty due to this rule. Hit the ball from where it is without necessary moving it to a better position. There are few cases where one is allowed to carry the ball and place it in a fairway. To avoid confusion and unnecessary penalties, just read the reviewed golf rule handbook well.

12. Clearing the path

One should not even think of clearing the way. In case your ball is stuck in grass bush, play it from there without removing the grass. Clearing of the grass will give a clear shot, but the rule inhibits removal of those twigs. Even if one breaks the twig accidentally during the practice, you cannot avoid penalty.

13. Keep a check on the ball

Are you an intermediary or a starter warming up for this Nobel sport; take note on this rule since many beginners suffer penalties due to negligence or ignorance of this rule. Before you start the game, you should be able to identify the ball you are playing. In case two or three players hit on the same patch of woods of the tee, no one should say they hit the Top –Flite or Titleist.


We can conclude by noting that golf is an excellent game that requires a lot of discipline. The game is best played when the players adhere with the coach instructions. The golf game needs a lot of professionalism, and the rules are reviewed regularly to meet international standards. Every committed golfer is in touch with the coach to ensure they are updated on any change. The developments are to ensure the game is in line with international standards.

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